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• One low cost per print that
  covers both service and

• No processing of multiple
  purchase orders for toner
  and service calls.

• No negotiating and
  checking toner prices.

• No worries that an after-
  market toner would void
  your service contract.

• Monitor and understand
  how much you spend on

Managed Print Service

Two Major Concerns - In lowering and controlling the operating and maintenance cost of
laser printers and laser printing multifunction products, you must address the 2 major

1) Supplies: Toners, Drums, Fusers, PM Kits

Purchasing aftermarket toners and shopping for the best prices can lower supply costs
but quality and page yield can vary with different products. Also, inferior supplies can
cause additional repairs to be needed - negating any cost savings and even increasing
overall costs.

2) Repair And Maintenance Services: Parts and Labor

Placing machines under a Full Service Maintenance Agreement can lower repair costs
and provide a consistent annual service cost but is not usually effective for a large fleet
of printers because many machines will not require service but still incur the cost of

The Solution - Cost Per Copy (CPC) Printer Management
The A2Z Business Systems' CPC program solves both problems by providing a Full
Service Maintenance Agreement and Toner for a single per-print price. Toner, Parts and
Labor for all covered machines are provided at no additional charge.


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