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Recycling Center
8201 Woodley Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

More than 500 million OEM toner and inkjet cartridges are manufactured every year. If
these cartridges are not diverted from our landfills, this equates to almost 1,000 tons of
unnecessary pollution that can enter our waste stream every day. In addition to this
potential waste, more than three quarts of oil are consumed during the manufacturing of
every OEM cartridge. This equates to more than 375,000,000 gallons of oil consumed
every year to make toner and inkjet cartridges. Even worse than these staggering atrocities
is that many cartridges end up in cities like Guiyu, China where they are incinerated or
dissolved with hazardous chemicals to extract residual metals. These processes
contaminate the local air, soil, and groundwater and one in ten children in Guiyu have
birth defects due to this horrific pollution.

Our MSE Brand Imaging Supplies are environmentally friendly. MSE conserves nature's
resources by reusing certain non-wearing plastic shells and metal components from spent
OEM cartridges. MSE is proud to manufacture more than 100,000 environmentally
conscious toner and inkjet cartridges every month.

Help us make a difference

We are proud to offer additional recycling services for your spent and/or surplus imaging
supplies. Please attempt to bundle as many empty toner and inkjet cartridges when
shipping back for recycling. You may also add used cell phones in the box (please do not
include the battery). Help us preserve our environment for generations to come.
Please reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sharp copier toner ONLY - recycling program

As part of our commitment to preserving the environment and reducing landfill
waste, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America offers customers a
Toner Recycling Program for all Sharp copier and MFP toner cartridges.
Click here for prepaid shipping label

All other used toner cartridges, ink cartridges and cell phones – recycling program
Click here for prepaid shipping label

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